10 Dos and Donts When Wearing Tights

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Wearing tights has been a long standing tradition, going back several hundred years to the time when they were worn only by men. Tights stem from the hose worn by Medieval men. During the reign of King Henry VIII tights were worn by men of all classes. Men from the nobility wore tights of silk or wool, while peasants wore the coarser fabrics. This cloth leg covering is now worn mostly by women and girls.

Whether searching for the perfect pair of tights to buy, or a black blazer to wear with them, eBay has a huge selection of tights from which to choose. A woman can choose a pair of opaque blue tights to wear with a casual dress and jacket, or perhaps a pair of sheer tights with high heels and a black dress for a more formal occasion.

There are some definite do's and don'ts when it comes to wearing tights. Every woman should consider the different types of tights when she is shopping for a pair because not all tights can be worn with all outfits. A woman shouldn't be afraid to experiment with colour, but she should steer clear of nude tights. To get more life out of any pair of tights, the wearer should reinforce the toes and strengthen the fibres by freezing them for 24 hours.

1. Do Consider the Different Types of Tights

There are various types of tights. A woman can choose from control tops, sheer or opaque tights, and fishnet or footless tights. The materials that tights are made from include nylon, cotton and lycra blends. Each type of tights has its unique benefits.

Sheer and Opaque Tights

Sheer tights are the more common types, with a denier rating that is very low. Denier relates to the sheerness of tights, with the lower number denoting a sheerer type of tights. A denier of less than 10 is sheer, while a denier of 20 is opaque.

Fishnet Tights

This type of tights is retro, sexy and reminiscent of the 1950s. Fishnet tights are a great accessory for formal occasions, or nights out on the town.

Footless Tights

Some tights are available in a footless version, such as athletic tights or casual wear tights. This style is a good way to revamp any outfit and are popular with fashion models and celebrities.

Suspender Tights

Suspender tights are not only classy, they are very feminine as well. This type of tights is very comfortable to wear and make any legs look amazing.

Brightly-Coloured Tights

Coloured tights can be worn for any occasion, casual to formal, and on both cold or warm days. These tights are bold and daring and are the perfect accessory for nearly any outfit. Choose a pair of pink tights and striped sneakers for a playfully casual look, or black tights and dress for a more formal look.

Wet Look Tights

Some tights have a finish that is so shiny it appears wet. These tights look great with high heels and a pair of short shorts.

2. Do Know Your Size

There is nothing worse than buying a pair of tights that are too small or too big. A woman should be sure to get her exact measurements before she goes shopping for tights. In order to find the correct size tights, it is necessary to take measurements with a cloth tape measure.

First measure the girth, which is the middle of the side shoulder and down through the crotch and then back to the same shoulder. The bust is measured by raising the arms and then measuring the fullest part of the chest. Measure the waist by passing the tape measure around the body at the waistline. To measure the hips, the process is similar to measuring the waist, by passing the tape measure around the fullest part of the hips. The inseam is measured from the crotch to the hemline on the inside of the leg.




X Small











X Large


71-79 cm

81-86 cm

89-94 cm

89-97 cm

97-102 cm

104-109 cm


51-56 cm

58-64 cm

66-71 cm

72-76 cm

74-79 cm

81-86 cm


78-81 cm

84-89 cm

91-97 cm

97-103 cm

99-104 cm

107-112 cm


140-145 cm

145-150 cm

150-155 cm

155-165 cm

155-160 cm

160-165 cm


147-160 cm

152-165 cm

155-173 cm

173-180 cm

160-178 cm

163-178 cm

When all the required measurements have been taken, compare the numbers to a sizing chart to determine the proper size tights for the perfect fit.

3. Do Freeze Tights

To extend the life of one's tights, begin by buying tights that are at least 15 percent Lycra or spandex, because such tights will hold up the best. To keep them looking great and run-free, the solution is to freeze them. Run tights under water, wring them out and place them in a freezer bag in the freezer for 24 hours. Freezing tights will strengthen the fibres. After 24 hours, let the tights thaw out naturally. The tights will be stronger and their lifespan extended from a few months to closer to a year.

4. Do Reinforce the Toes of Tights

It is fashionable to wear non-reinforced tights. These tights are sheer to the toes. The fact is, reinforced toe tights last months longer than non-reinforced versions because the extra layer of material helps to prevent runs. To reinforce the toes, turn the tights inside out and measure each foot over the widest part of the foot. Trace the outline with sewing chalk and then cut the tights along those lines. With the tights still inside out, put them on and place the cutouts on each foot and pin them in place. Then take off the tights very carefully and sew the cutouts onto the feet of the tights. When this is complete, turn the tights rightside out and wear them as usual.

5. Do Wear Spanx Tights

Spanx tights are far superior to regular tights. Spanx tights are high waisted, and help to shape tummies and thighs. The better brands of spandex tights have up to 20 per cent Lycra, providing excellent stretch to the fabric, which allows it to retain its shape and conform to body contours.

6. Do Check for the Denier Number

Thread density is important to determine the level of opacity or sheerness of one's tights. Denier, or 'den', is the unit of measurement. The lower the den number, the sheerer the tights. The fastest and easiest way to find a pair of tights with the correct degree of sheerness or opacity is to look for the den number on the packaging. Tights worn with formal evening wear usually have a den number of of between 6 and 15.

7. Don't Be Afraid to Experiment with Colour

Tights are available in such a variety of colours and levels of opacity that it is easy for one to experiment with them, choosing tights that can be sassy and flirty or that will match well with nearly every colour and and pattern of material. A woman can choose tights in a variety of colours from oranges, navy blues and browns to some exciting neons and nearly fluorescent colours.

8. Don't Confuse Leggings with Tights

Let there be no doubt about this, tights are definitely not the same as leggings. Although one may own a thick pair of tights for those very cold days, they are still not leggings. Leggings have no feet, whereas tights always have feet. Leggings are designed to be worn as a sort of trousers under overlarge sweaters, whereas tights are accessories worn under dresses, skirts or pants.

9. Don't Wear Low-Quality Tights

Quality tights are made with a higher thread count than their low-quality counterparts. The unfortunate truth is that when tights are not high quality, they tend to become more sheer, to the point of being see through. Low-quality tights have a tendency to run. It makes more sense to buy a high-quality pair of tights that will last for a few months than a pair of low-quality tights that might not last the night.

10. Don't Wear Nude Tights

The consensus seems to be that nude tights are not the best choice of tights for any occasion. If one is seeking a nude look, perhaps nude tone stockings would be a better option. Tights are made with a higher thread count. They are thicker than pantyhose. Tights are meant to be seen. A woman should be creative in her choice of tights and choose a bright colour to wear under a dress or skirt.


We have an extensive selection of women's tights from which to choose, in a variety of colours, density values, and styles. One can choose the sheerest of black lace tights, or a pair of neon orange tights for a look that is altogether progressive and bold, or select a pair of black stiletto heeled shoes to wear with the tights, and an orange cocktail dress with a tulle skirt for a look that is outrageous and flamboyant and exudes self-confidence.

There are some do's and don'ts for wearing tights. When shopping for tights, a woman should consider how she will pair the tights with an outfit. Sheer tights are best for more formal occasions and settings, while a pair of opaque, brightly-coloured tights makes a bold statement about the wearer's individual style. There are various tricks that a woman can employ to get more wear out of her tights. This includes reinforcing the toes and freezing her new tights to strengthen the fibres. A woman should avoid low-quality tights. They may be cheap, but the wearer will have to replace them frequently.