40X60cm Extra Large Organza Fruit Protection Bag Planting Bags

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Size: 40*60cm (Large)
Colors: White
Min order quantity: 100pcs


Many farmers have come across a number of issues related to fruit protection and seed saving. These problems can be solved with organza bags.


Scope of Application


1.)Insect Screening & Fruit Protection: The fruit protection bag's high fiber density prevents insects from harming the fruit while also effectively preventing pests and diseases. The fruit protection bag is made of organza material, which has a high fiber density, is strong, durable, and animal-friendly. Simultaneously, the fruit protection bag allows light to pass through and ventilates, allowing the plants to complete photosynthesis. The fruit protection bag does not only protect fruits, but it can also protect many other fruits during ripening.


2.) Preventing insect damage to blooms: Insects can damage flowers before they set seed. Using organza bags can help protect blooms from insect damage.


3.) Preventing cross-pollination: Unprotected, closely related plant species can easily pollinate each other. Using organza bags can help prevent cross-pollination between different species.


4.) Timing the collection of seeds from flowers that shed their seeds: Some plants eject their seed when they mature, so timing is critical or you will miss it. Organza bags can be used to collect seeds in a timely manner.

5.) Drying seeds: In the past, people had to use a variety of open containers to dry their seed, but they occasionally knocked over the container, spilling and mixing the seeds. Organza bags can be used to dry seeds in an organized manner.


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