9.2*4.5cm Custom Print Plastic Label Tags (Multiple sizes available)

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We can custom print a variety of cards, tags, and stickers, including member cards, facility maintenance cards, facility identification cards, tags, and stickers. Customization is available for all designs, colors, and sizes. Contact us right now for a personalized card printing solution! We can provide a quotation with your design at the best factory price! Please contact us at whatsApp: 016-7185 608 or email: strongscm@hotmail.com and we will provide you with more precise solution.
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Color labeling is a vital aspect of management that often goes unnoticed. It also plays a significant role in the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. Color labeling is the process of using different colors to distinguish between products or materials during the manufacturing process. In this method, a color label is used to convey information about the product, such as its quality, specifications, and characteristics. It is also used to identify the location of products within a facility or warehouse.

Product Specifications:

Total length: 380 mm

card width: 92*45 mm

Product material:polypropylene (PP)

Application: One-time blockage of identification, facility management and invntory.

Wide range of applications: shipping, instrumentation, table boxes, postal services, customs, railways, transportation, oil transportation, shipping companies, logistics companies, supermarkets, gas meters, domestic air transport, international air transport, ore, foreign trade inspection, transport handling equipment, Packaging barrel packaging, petrochemical containers, energy metering, prevention of theft, leakage, etc.

Package included:5 color mixed packaging: red, yellow, blue, green, white

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